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Isnav is a little village from one of the 22 gam samaj, situated on Coordinates: 22°31'59"N | 72°45'51"E just near by small town called Sojitra. Isnav is surrounded by natural countryside. The village has an entrance from the one of the Highway (Anand – sojitra) in Gujarat. Once you head in, off the highway just after 1 mins drive you will come across the Gateway of Isnav.

The Village has a famous temple of legendry Goddess “Shree Fulbai Maa” just on the side of a lake. Also there is a temple of the ancient Goddess “Shree Vehrai Maa” as she is the Country Mother for all the resident and citizens of the Isnav village. Village also has a Primary school for the better education for the children’s from Isnav and other remote areas. There is a Dairy in the middle of the common place of Isnav, as the farming is the common business of the country people. The Village also holds Common Hall called “Isnav Patidar Vaadi”, is for nominal rent for those who wants to celebrate their private functions at their door steps.

People in and from the Isnav village are kind, soft spoken and religious as there are number of other temples in village. Village also holds big functions on number of festivals thru out the year and during these time People in isnav village are most often busy in providing Hospitality for their guests. "Isnav Yuvak Mandal” is a group of young teenagers and they are engaged in social activities such as, arranging festival events like Navaratri Garaba, Diwali, Uttarayan, Holi and many more.

Anand District of the Gujarat State is also known as “Charotar”. Charotar means Land of Golden Crops. Shri Bavish Gam Charotar Leuva Patidar Samaj is a group of 26 villages. It is also known as “Nani Sattavis”. “Patidar” means Patel Community (farmers) of the villages. All the farmers of the above villages produce tobacco .The dry leaf of tobacco is of golden colour. Samaj means society- A group of Patels. There are 26 villages of Anand District attached with the Samaj.

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